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Cold Storage Room Refrigeration System

Date:Oct 17,2019

1. Types of Cold Room

Classification by Temperature:

High Temperature Cold room (±5℃): suitable for vegetables and fruits fresh

Middle Temperature cold room (-10℃~-5℃): suitable for frozen food

Low temperature cold room (-20℃~-10℃): suitable for frozen aquatic products and poultry food

Frozen cold room ( below-23℃):quick freezing of fresh products before cold storage


Classification by volumn

Small cold room: <500m³

Middle cold room:500~1000m³

Big cold room:>1000m³


2. Structure and main equipments of cold room

Room Panel: High and middle temperature cold room choose 10cm thickness; low temperature and frozen room choose 12cm or 15cm thickness.

Polyurethane spraying foaming material:

The material is directly sprayed in the warehouse to form a polyurethane board with no water absorption and good heat insulation, but the cost is higher.

Foamed polyurethane spraying material: The material is also formed by spraying the polystyrene board, compared with the polyurethane board, water absorption is strong, heat insulation is poor, but the cost is low.

Moistureproof layer: Usually made of asphalt, linoleum, plastic coating, plastic film, or metal plate.


3. Refrigeration System

Compressor (key spare part):

Under normal circumstances, the selection of small cold storage is full closed compressor. Medium-sized cold storage generally choose semi closed compressor. Semi hermetic compressor or screw compressor is used in large-scale cold storage. The ammonia refrigeration compressor can also be considered when selecting, because the ammonia refrigeration compressor has large power and can be used by one machine, but the installation and management are very complicated.

Evaporator: In general, high temperature storage choose the fan for the evaporator, which is characterized by fast cooling, but it is likely to cause the loss of cold water collection; in cold storage, selection of seamless steel tube is made of evaporative emission control, which is characterized by constant temperature effect, and the timely storage.

Condenser: Condensers include air cooling, water cooling, and air to water cooling. Air cooling is limited to small cold storage equipment, and water cooled condensers can be used in all types of refrigeration systems.

Thermal expansion valve :Thermal expansion valve is divided into internal balance and external expansion valve, internal balance type expansion valve diaphragm below is the feeling of the evaporator entrance pressure; outer balance type expansion valve diaphragm below is the feeling of the evaporator outlet pressure.

Liquid storage tank: Store freon to ensure that the refrigerant is always saturated.

Solenoid valve: to prevent compressor downtime, high pressure parts of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, to avoid the compressor when the next start, the low pressure is too high, to prevent compressor liquid shock. In addition, the cold storage temperature reaches the set value temperature control action, solenoid valve energized, low pressure reaches the set value when the compressor stops down, when the refrigerator temperature rise to the set value, the thermostat, the solenoid valve, low pressure compressor start to rise to the set value of the compressor start.

High and low voltage protector: prevent high voltage, high pressure, low protection compressor.

Temperature controller: equivalent to the cold storage, the brain controls the cold storage, refrigeration, opening and stopping, defrosting, and the opening and pulling of the fan.

Dry filters: impurities and moisture in the filtration system.

Oil pressure protector: make sure the compressor has enough lubricating oil.

Oil separator: its function is to separate the lubricating oil from the high-pressure steam discharged by the refrigeration compressor, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. The oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated under the action of gravity according to the principle of reducing oil flow and changing the direction of air flow. General airflow speed below 1m/s, can be contained in the steam more than 0.2mm in diameter of oil particles separated. The commonly used oil separators are washing, centrifugal, filling and filtering four kinds.

Evaporator pressure control valve: is to prevent the evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) below the specified value. Sometimes it is used to adjust the pressure of the evaporator to the force to accommodate the change of load.

Other refrigeration system accessories: door lock, hinge, handle, air curtain machine, etc..


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