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Packing Box Turned Into Pop-Up Store

Date:Sep 26,2019

We have an imaginative Japanese customer who is not satisfied that the packing box is placed on the construction site to be a quiet white box most of the time. He is creative and turns into a Pop-Up Store.

This is not an ordinary Pop-Up Store! The Japanese brother's Pop-Up Store is the first crossover of Japanese and Swedish home furnishing Ikea IKEA.

This combination, in addition to showing the excellent products of IKEA, also reflects the flexible use of the packaging box.



The store is made up of two 3029*2438mm packing boxes, one of which is closed and the other is open.

The enclosed part displays the indoor products of IKEA, and the open part displays the outdoor products of IKEA, which fits perfectly.

The dark gray stone hanging board on the outer wall and the rust red grille are cold and warm, the color tone is harmonious, and the vertical greening which cannot distinguish the true and false is greatly improved the beauty of the packing box and the people's Closeness.

The space created by the package and the products it displays will be replaced regularly, keeping the customers who come to experience fresh.

This cooperation, whether it is the cooperation method or the product itself, has been well received by many parties. IKEA employees in Japan said that in this way, IKEA products can be better presented to customers.

Compared to the traditional all-indoor IKEA store, the elegant boxing placed outside provides an experience that is closer to the real environment.

In addition to cross-border cooperation with IKEA, this customer will also pack the box into a Pop-Up restaurant.


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