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Overseas warehouse is more than just a foreign warehouse

Date:Sep 20,2019

If you understand overseas warehouses as warehouses in overseas buyers' countries, then you will devalue the existing and future value of overseas warehouses. As for the reasons, there are three main points:


First, since the first day of birth, the overseas warehouse is not a single logistics transportation plan, but a comprehensive integration of all logistics and transportation solutions in the existing market, forming a one-stop overall solution. In other words, integration is the biggest value of overseas warehouses as a total solution for cross-border e-commerce. Originally, we believe that the biggest bottleneck of cross-border logistics is limited to cost, timeliness and customs clearance, and the emergence of overseas warehouses is considered to be the solution to these three major problems. However, there will be a bug in it. In the future, cross-border e-commerce logistics will solve the emergence of new service needs and difficulties. Does it mean that overseas warehouses will be destined to be outdated and replaced? In response to this question, we return to the natural integration properties of overseas warehouses, the answer is no doubt no.


The natural integration property of overseas warehouses determines the overall logistics solution based on overseas warehouses as a service platform. It is a process of continuously optimizing and upgrading service strengths and constantly adjusting and changing service weaknesses. In other words, the future cross-border logistics service based on overseas warehousing as a service platform is itself a solution that constantly adapts and even leads cross-border e-commerce logistics. As for why it is necessary to use overseas warehousing as a cross-border logistics service platform, this is mainly subject to the buyer's experience. We have found that the more mature regions or countries in the e-commerce buyer's market, such as the European Union and North America, the higher the demand for localized services by buyers. The overseas warehouse is currently the best and most affordable solution to continuously strengthen the localized service experience of the buyer's market. Before the era of communityization of e-commerce warehousing logistics in Europe and the United States, overseas warehousing was irreplaceable.

Second, the overseas warehouse is to build inventory around the buyer's territory, and to maximize the pre-sale logistics to adapt to the after-sales experience. Of course, this also brings about the problem that the overseas warehouse inventory is not easy to digest. On the basis of this problem, the extension of the buyer's national tax payment, cross-border transfer and other issues, to a certain extent plagued the seller. This is also why the advantage of overseas warehouse services has been quite prominent, there are still sellers, and sellers with relatively large transaction size, still prefer small bags to take goods. The digesting of inventory and the pressure on capital are the difficult problems that the current integrated cross-border logistics solutions based on overseas warehousing seem to be difficult to solve effectively. So, what are the countermeasures for cross-border e-commerce logistics providers based on overseas warehousing services? Or, what is the next step in improving the service improvement of overseas warehouse services? In fact, the above-mentioned integration advantages inherent in overseas warehouses are still the solution to the problem of overseas warehouses solving inventory digestibility and capital pressure.


Third, the trick is that overseas warehouses should leap from the current one-stop total solution provider to the integrated service provider. The reason why it is not used for improvement is mainly to emphasize the comprehensive solution effect of the integrated service provider on the current cross-border e-commerce logistics solution, and the difficulty of integrating the solution.

In summary, overseas warehouses are not just a warehouse, it plays an important role in the development of cross-border e-commerce.

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