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Overseas Warehouse Marketing Model

Date:Sep 5,2019

Overseas warehouse is a marketing method strongly supported by the state. It is a new value-added service content for foreign trade integrated service enterprises to help factories explore overseas markets, develop overseas marketing, warehousing, logistics, processing channels, expand overseas service functions, and integrate into overseas retail systems. It is an overseas marketing network platform for export enterprises.


1. Marketing objectives of overseas warehouses (Trade Exhibition Center):

1) Put the sales, warehousing, distribution, and service of the enterprise (factory) to the local market of the target country, and use the online marketing method of overseas push + factory marketing + local warehousing and distribution to carry out foreign trade export. jobs.

2) Overseas Warehouse + Exhibition and Trade Center is an overseas marketing platform. Enterprises can conduct product promotion, marketing, exhibition, display, customs clearance, assembly, processing, storage, logistics, distribution, and overseas through online and offline methods. After-sales, bonded and other work.


2, overseas warehouses and different marketing methods:

1), traditional marketing:

Factory self-operated trade--Exhibition--Domestic delivery

2), e-commerce marketing:

Factory self-operated trade--Electronic business platform--Express delivery (domestic and foreign)

3), overseas warehouse marketing:

Factory self-operated trade + exhibition + e-commerce platform + overseas push + overseas sample display + overseas delivery (or factory direct)

3, overseas warehouse function:

1), Exhibition Center + Overseas Warehouse:

Overseas exhibitions, exhibitions + overseas distribution, factory trade + local customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, assembly, after-sales.

2), overseas warehouse:

Factory trade + local customs clearance, assembly, distribution, warehousing, distribution, after-sales.

3), Exhibition and Trade Center:

Overseas exhibitions, exhibitions, trades.

4, the scope of customers in overseas warehouses:

1) Overseas local factories, small and medium-sized wholesalers, Shangchao, e-commerce practitioners, agents, and individual buyers.


2), the same applies to general trade, bulk trade, to meet customer demand for payment methods, after-sales service, capital occupation, procurement risk, foreign exchange control, sample confirmation.

5, factory concerns:

1) Security of goods and funds recovery.

2) The effect of overseas warehouse marketing and the promotion ability of overseas marketing personnel.

3) Overseas warehouse management and service work.

6, overseas warehouse marketing methods:

1) Through the big data precision inquiry system and conventional foreign trade means, understand the demand, marketing and trade barriers of the target market countries.

2) Enterprises apply to join the overseas warehouse system, ship samples and small batches of goods to the FTZCOC overseas warehouses and exhibition centers in the target market countries or around the world for display, exhibition, distribution, warehousing and distribution.

3) Overseas warehouses, exhibition and trade centers, factories, and enterprise service centers will conduct marketing and publicity on factory products, overseas trade and exhibition centers, overseas warehouses, etc. through domestic and overseas means to expand their popularity and attract customers. To achieve the purpose of the transaction.

4) The factory contacts customers through the overseas warehouse and exhibition and trade center platform, and the bulk products are stationed in overseas warehouses and distribution customers, or the factory directly delivers the goods to customers.

5) The factory uses the warehousing, logistics, bonded storage and processing functions of the overseas warehouse group to carry out production and processing operations overseas and avoid tariff barriers.

6) Overseas warehouse groups, exhibition and trade centers, and local enterprise service centers, etc., organize local local promotion, small language websites, e-commerce marketing, network marketing, overseas advertising, exhibitions, exhibition centers, etc. to provide publicity and provide overseas markets. Information, business docking, customs data, product placement, warehouse management, payment recovery and other services, combined with factory or enterprise exhibitions, websites, networks and other means of promotion, together to create an overseas warehouse model of the company's overseas marketing network platform.

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