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Specification and Selection of Cold Storage Insulation Board

Date:Sep 4,2019

Cold storage insulation board is a commonly used engineering construction material. It plays a very important role in engineering projects, from the perspective of investment and income. So low-cost raw materials will reduce the initial investment cost, but from a long-term perspective, high-quality raw materials are in exchange for long-term energy conservation. Many users are faced with a lot of raw material suppliers when they purchase. I don't know the quality of such cold storage insulation materials. How to choose cold storage insulation boards?

Cold storage insulation board product specifications:


Cold storage insulation board thickness specifications: 50MM, 75MM, 100MM, 120MM, 150MM, 200MM, 250MM, 300MM.


Cold storage insulation board width specifications: 1000MM, 1150MM, 980MM and custom non-standard size.


Cold storage insulation board length specification: prefabricated according to the user's cold storage size, generally the length of a single piece is not more than 10 meters.


Cold storage insulation panel thickness: 0.25MM ~ 1MM.


Cold storage insulation board material: ordinary color steel series, 304 stainless steel series, 201 stainless steel series, aluminum board series, galvanized sheet series.


Cold storage insulation board foaming density: 32 ~ 45KG / m3



Fire retardant grade: ordinary, B2, B1


How to choose high quality cold storage insulation board?


1. In order to ensure the insulation performance and dimensional stability of the cold storage insulation board, the polyurethane insulation foaming raw materials should be used by reliable suppliers.


2, in order to extend the service life of the cold storage, the thickness of the metal layer of the cold storage insulation board should not be too thin, and choose domestic well-known manufacturers (the panel layer of many small manufacturers will appear the paint rot after 2 years).


3. Choose a cold storage board production and processing enterprise with strength and experience, and require each package to be individually packaged to prevent damage during transportation.


4, choose a reasonable foaming density, the general qualified polyurethane cold storage insulation board foam density range: 38 ~ 45KG / m3



5. For safety reasons, it is recommended to choose a cold storage insulation board with a flame retardant grade (the general flame retardant level is B2).

How to choose the thickness of the cold storage insulation board reasonably?



Theoretically speaking, the thickness of the cold storage insulation board is directly proportional to the cold storage insulation performance, taking into account the economics of one construction cost and later operation cost. It is recommended that the thickness of the high temperature cold storage insulation layer above -5 °C should be 100MM, the temperature of the medium temperature cold storage insulation layer above -18 °C, the thickness of the low temperature cold storage insulation layer of 100MM or 120MM, above -25 °C, the quick freezing cold storage of 120MM or 150MM, below -25 °C. The thickness of the insulation layer is 200MM or 250MM and 300MM.



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