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Building A Light Steel Villa

Date:Aug 13,2019

Building A Villa, Brick-concrete or Light Steel Structure?

The main materials of brick-concrete structure are brick, steel and concrete. However, the light steel structure uses materials such as light steel keel and OSB board. Next, we will say that they are different in terms of load bearing, earthquake resistance and cost.

1、承重 Load bearing

Brick-concrete structure, "brick" refers to the brick wall of the masonry, "mixed" refers to the reinforced concrete ingredients prepared by a certain proportion of steel, cement, sand and water, so the brick-concrete room is a small part of the steel The weight-bearing structure of concrete and most brick walls.

In the brick-concrete structure, the main bearing function is the brick. The combination of the masonry and the reinforced concrete is loose. Therefore, it is necessary to additionally set the ring beam and the structural column to "cuff" the entire brick wall structure to enhance the overall performance of the house. Therefore, in this structure, the load-bearing wall is absolutely not allowed to be arbitrarily removed, otherwise the structure of the house will be unstable.


The frame structure is supported by a system consisting of three structures: beam, plate and column to form the frame of the house, and the brick wall plays only the role of maintenance and separation.

That is to say, the frame structure is mainly supported by the frame beam and column. The biggest design feature of this structure is “strong column weak beam”, which means that the bearing capacity of the column is greater than the bearing capacity of the beam, because if the beam is destroyed, it belongs only to the part. Destruction, if the pillar collapses, the whole house will collapse.

The light steel structure is one of the frame structures, and the performance of the load-bearing structure is also obvious to all. Moreover, since the wall is completely unloaded, the room for the transformation of the house is large.

2、抗震性能 Seismic performance

As we all know, the vertical members of the structure play a vital role in earthquake resistance. The vertical members of the masonry structure are brick walls, while the vertical members of the frame structure are frame columns, while the concrete-constructed frame columns are clearly more reliable than brick walls. Therefore, the seismic performance of the frame structure is much better than that of the brick-concrete structure.

With a frame-structured house, we can often say that "small earthquakes are not bad, medium earthquakes can be repaired, and large earthquakes do not fall." Light steel construction is one of the best, and the seismic level reaches the strength of the nine-level fortification.

The earthquake is one of the serious natural disasters facing human society. It is extremely destructive. The Tangshan and Wenchuan earthquakes are so shocking. Among the building safety factors, earthquakes must be given full consideration as a random external effect that cannot be accurately predicted and accurately calculated, and the disaster caused by disasters should be minimized. Due to the light weight of the light steel structure, the properties of the metal material and the necessary shear wall structure determine the natural seismic performance of the light steel structure system. Since the activities of the earthquake are left and right and up and down, the light steel structure connected by fasteners constitutes a safe and stable box, and the collapse of the wall or the falling of the floor will not endanger the personal safety due to the shaking of the earthquake. When the seismic intensity is 9th grade, it can meet the requirements of non-collapse and is very safe.

3、造价 Price

As mentioned earlier, the column in the frame structure is the main load-bearing member, and the steel content of the cast-in-place frame column is much higher than that used in the brick-concrete structure.

However, the light steel construction completely eliminates this step and saves money. The light steel keel is enough to support the weight of the entire building.

Generally speaking, according to the relevant regulations of the state, the three-story frame structure self-built house villas are calculated according to the construction area, the content is 45~60kg/m2, while the brick-concrete structure is about 20kg/m2, or even lower.

Now, in ordinary rough houses, the cost of brick-concrete structure is generally around 1,500 yuan / flat, while light steel is generally around 1300-1500 yuan / flat.

However, the light steel construction completely eliminates the cost of materials such as cement and steel bars required for the frame structure, and it also appears to be greatly expanded in the utilization of resources. Up to 90 reuse rates are not used to scare people. Moreover, since the construction period of the light steel house is shorter than that of the brick-concrete structure, the natural labor cost is greatly reduced. A set of small villas lasts only one month, if it is a brick-concrete structure. If it is a general decoration, it usually takes 3 or 4 months to complete. In this comparison, it was found that the labor cost saved by 2-3 months is already a large amount.

Compared to traditional residential structural systems, light steel villas have the following characteristics

The space is flexible and can meet the multi-functional requirements of the residents;

The material is light and strong, with good seismic performance and high safety;

The construction speed is fast and the construction period is short;

can realize the industrialization and industrialization of residential construction.

To sum up: after comparison, the advantages of light steel structure houses can be clearly seen, and as the price of building materials continues to rise, people's awareness of environmental protection and environmental protection will increase, and the advantages of light steel structure houses will become more obvious. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of light steel construction, why not keep up with the trend, come to a light steel house?

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