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Enjoy the Beauty of Japan in Prefabricated Modular Camping Hotel

Date:Aug 12,2019

Every time we mention Japan, our neighboring country in the east, there are always a few symbols that will come to our minds. There will inevitably be Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms. As the most representative element of this country, Mount Fuji can be said to be the holy mountain in the eyes of the Japanese people.

If one day, with family or friends, we can enjoy the beauty of the highest mountain in Japan during the day at the prefabricated modular camping hotel at the foot of Mount Fuji. In the evening, after enjoying the delicious barbecue in the open air, lie in the bathtub and look up at the stars. . What kind of experience will this be?


Are you already excited? How can this new travel experience be missed? Come, let's go and feel it!


CUS-GROUP teamed up with the Japanese design team for the FUJINO KIRAMEKI prefabricated modular camping hotel, located in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan. The project covers an area of approximately 16,500 m2 and is assembled from 50 prefabricated modular units into 20 separate buildings. It is equipped with a playground, a pet world and a spacious event venue. Each hotel here can overlook the majestic Mount Fuji. 


Modular hotels range in size from 54m2 to 153m2 and are available in Fujino Suite, The Grand Cabin, Deluxe Cabin, and Dog Friendly Cabin, which can accommodate up to 6 people. One of the Grand Cabin and Deluxe Cabin has a barrier-free design for wheelchair users. Each hotel is equipped with air conditioning, shower and toilet. The balcony is fitted with an automatic opening and closing eaves with BBQ facilities, dining table, hammock and open-air bath.

The camping hotel project takes full advantage of the features and advantages of prefabricated modular buildings, which are prefabricated at the factory and shipped to Fujiwara Gotemba in Japan. The greenness of the materials, the exquisite design of the architectural details, the elegant and delicate design colors, and the minimalist interior and exterior decoration perfectly explain the traditional aesthetics of Japanese design.


Modular camping hotels are arranged in an orderly array of trees and greenery, where visitors have both ample interactive areas and spaces as well as privacy. The internal structure of each modular unit is diversified, while the exterior is a uniform tone and style, which fully complies with the traditional Japanese aesthetic logic.


With an indoor area of 44.3 square meters, The Grand Cabin is a large room for families. There are two extra large double beds in the bedroom for up to 6 people and a comfortable jacuzzi in the suite. Solid wood beds, simple shoe racks, long rows of sofas, beige brown carpets, simple and natural are all covered in space. The design of the dry and wet separation of the bathroom, the simple lines, the collision of natural white and high-grade ash, gives the space a comfortable feeling in the cold and not warm.


The Deluxe Cabin features a bedroom, living room, dining room, hammock and open-air bath. The rooms are more than 50m2 in size and offer ample space. The bedroom has an extra large double bed, which is also comfortable for families and families.


Dog Friendly Cabin is a room for pet-friendly guests. On the basis of the deluxe rooms, there is a dedicated pet park in front of the wooden terrace where you can loosen the dog leash and run and play with the dog. Every corner of the room, including the bedroom, can be accompanied by a dog.


There is a barrier-free design suite in The Grand Cabin and Deluxe Cabin. In the design, the height difference between the entrance and exit is eliminated, and all the sliding doors are used in the guest rooms and bathrooms, which is convenient for wheelchair users and can also ensure the private space of the guests. Accessible rooms and personal service, the hotel's thoughtful and meticulous service is reflected in every detail here.


This prefabricated modular camping hotel at the foot of Mt. Fuji not only enjoys the comfort of a hotel, but also enjoys the endless fun of camping in the wild. Therefore, it has a high popularity in Japan and attracts local media reports from Japan. .


Under the Mount Fuji, this brand new prefabricated modular camping hotel will meet you unexpectedly and experience a new travel experience!



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