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        CUS-GROUP is a comprehensive enterprise group with producing and processing metal products, construction, import and export trade,cross-border e-commerce platform and foreign trade integrated services.

        The headquarter is located in Zhengzhou, China. CUS-GROUP is a private enterprise invested by multiple shareholders with several subsidiaries.

        CUS-GROUP currently employs more than 200 people, including nearly 50 employees with a bachelor degree or above in technology, design and foreign language field. There are owned and leased land and plants of 100000 square meters, plus 2000 square meters’ foreign trade office space.The company has many related qualifications of import and export, customs, commodity inspection, steel structure, design and construction.

        Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.(CUS-STEEL) belong to CUS-GROUP , CUS-Steel is a technologically advanced enterprise engaged in the processing and sale of steel and cold roll-forming equipment. Our main products now include pre-painted steel coils (PPGI), hot dip galvanized steel (HDG), cold bending roll-forming machinery, sandwich panels, and pressed steel heets. Furthermore, we also provide services for processing


        CONTACT US :


                    +86-158 3812 3662   Daniel 

                    +86-139 3846 8196   Sean 

                    +86-159 8187 6766   Sam 

                    +86-186 2388 8992   Sale

          EMAIL: daniel@cus-steel.com