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            +86-158 3812 3662   Daniel 

            +86-139 3846 8196   Sean 

            +86-159 8187 6766   Sam 

            +86-18623888992     Sale

  EMAIL:  daniel@cus-steel.com




1, Company Profile:

CUS-GROUP is a metal materials production and processing, housing construction, import and export trade, cross-border electricity, external services, such as the main business, industry and trade integration of enterprise groups. The company is located in Zhengzhou, China, at home and abroad have a number of molecular companies, more than 200 employees, with more than undergraduate technology, design, foreign language talent of nearly 50 people, with its own and lease the land, plant area of ??more than 100,000 square meters, Foreign trade office space of 2,000 square meters. With the import and export, customs, commodity inspection, steel structure, design and construction, food circulation and other related qualifications, with CUS-STEEL, famous, famous network, famous life and other well-known brands and a number of product technology patents.

CUS-STEEL is a joint brand and registered trademark of the companies related to metal and building products under the CUS-GROUP, including coated steel plates, metal materials, steel structures, sheet metal profiles, houses, And other products of the production, processing and trade.

Company website: www.rrkk4.com WWW.CUS-STEEL.CN


2,History, Honor, Philosophy:

 CUS-STEEL founder Mr.Daniel cui, since 2002 began to produce color coated board products, and the establishment of the central region of China's first color coated plate production line, after 16 years, shareholders have been engaged in steel, metal Product production, processing and trade work.

CUS-STEEL was established in 2004, the main company Zhengzhou City Steel Industry Co., Ltd. in 2015 in Shanghai equity trading center listing, code: 204123. The company is the central region of the larger metal products processing and export enterprises.

CUS-STEEL is a provincial-level e-commerce enterprises, import and export key enterprises, the opening up of advanced enterprises, foreign affairs outstanding enterprises, the provincial trade promotion enterprises, customs and foreign exchange Administration Class A enterprises.

CUS is CHINA UNITES STEEL short, the enterprise has always insisted "convergence into the sea, the joint for the steel" cooperation and win-win business philosophy. Committed to the metal sheet metal processing and application of the experts, together with the partners to find the beauty of metal!

CUS-STEEL began exporting color coated plates to Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan in 2004, after which CUS-STEEL's products have been exported to Europe, Africa, America, Australia, Asia, and so on. And so on, now more than 60 countries, and for Foxconn, Shandong Lan Bridge Group, Zhengzhou Aluminum Plant, Kyrgyzstan Presidential Palace, Uzbek New City transformation, Egyptian Sinai military camp, the French building materials supermarkets and many other key projects at home and abroad, product and service.

After 14 years of development, CUS-STEEL from the initial production and processing of steel, processing and development to today, including metal and building materials production and processing, import and export trade, electricity and foreign trade services, construction and other more than a dozen subsidiaries The Group structure, CUS-GROUP development pattern and the foundation has been initially formed, we will work harder to continue in the global market to do product innovation, brand promotion work.



1) Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.:

Color coated plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, cold plate, hot plate production, processing, trade.


2) CUS-STEEL Door Industry Branch:

Metal doors, door panels, door frames and other products production and processing.


3) CUS-STEEL Housing Construction Branch

Activities, housing, light steel villas, assembly-style buildings, cold storage, remote intelligent cold storage cabinets and other products.


4) Zhengzhou Guangda Steel Structure Steel Co., Ltd

Steel structure processing, C / Z steel, floor boards, composite panels, metal tiles, color stone tile, sun panels, resin tiles, metal stent, embedded parts, components and other products of the production, processing and construction.


5) Guangda Steel Structure Steel Co., Ltd (Rizhao City Branch):

Steel structure, anti-corrosion insulation, mechanical and electrical installation, production, construction, construction business.


6) Zhengzhou United Century International Trading Co.,Ltd  (formerly Thai Ming metal):

Stainless steel plate (tube), tin plate, aluminum, steel and other products processing, trade.


7) Egypt PSI:

PU sheet, cold storage, metal tiles, mobile homes and other products of the production, processing.


8) Kyrgyzstan CUS-STORY Company:

Steel structure, the activities of housing products production, processing.